The Orfeas Choir began in autumn 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden and consists of 35 women and men singing in 4-part harmony. The choir has a broad repertoire that includes everything from traditional folk music to current songs written and composed by the big names in Greek music and poetry - Elytis, Ritsos, Theodorakis, Chatzidakis, Kougioumtzis etc.

The members have a genuine love for Greek music, and see it as their goal to spread the music of Greece to build bridges that bring people together and to share the joy of the music.

Since its start Orfeas has taken part in many events arranged by Greek and Swedish organisations. Some examples are: Celebrations of Valborg April 30 and the Swedish national holiday June 6, an event at a nursing home, the Greek national holidays October 28 in the Greek Saturday school and March 25 at the Greek Embassy. The choir has also taken part in conferences in Sweden organised by the Greek National Association.

In autumn 2010 the choir gave its first concert in Stockholm and since then has given a concert every autumn. At the same time the choir continues to accept invitations to take part in various events.

The choir's dream became a reality in summer of 2012 by travelling to Greece and performing in two concerts, one in Thermi and one in Litochoro.